The pond at Sunset. Kawarthas.
Acrylic on Board. 24x18". $850

La vieille grange au coucher du soleil. Kawarthas.
Watercolor. 18x26". Sold.

Cherry Beach Station. Toronto. Acrylic on Board. 24x18". $850


Lunenburg Waterfront. 
Watercolor. 26x18". $850

Amandine on top of the world.jpg
Peggy's Cove.jpg

Amandine On Top of the World. Peggy's Cove Watercolor. 20x14". $450

Peggy's Cove.
Acrylic on Canvas. 24x18. $850

Variations en gris/Variations in Grey. Toronto Beach.
Acrylic on Canvas. 30x40" (76x61cm)-$850

Harmonie en vert tendre printanier/ Variations in Spring Greens. Toronto.
Acrylic on Canvas- 20x16" (51x40.5 cm). Sold

Du côté ensoleillé de la rue/ On the Sunny Side of The Street. Toronto
Acrylic on Canvas- 20x24" (51x61 cm)- Sold.

Fleurs et soleil de l'autre côté de la rue/ Flowers on the other side of the street.Toronto
Acrylic on Canvas. 16x20" ( 51x40.5 cm).$650

The sun accompanies me on my journey. East Point Park. Toronto.

Triptych- Acrylic on canvas- 3 panels / 16x20" (40.5x60.5cm)